Specialize to Rocket Your Success

Specialize to Rocket Your Success

There are many different forms of counseling and coaching available out there to meet the needs of clients.  As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, or a Life & Business Coach you can specialize in a certain field that you think would do best in the market or that most appeals to you.  Each field is unique from another but interconnected as well.  When you choose a specific field to specialize in, a distinct segment of the market, it is called a niche.  The more unique your niche is the easier it is to find those customers.


Why specialize?  When you narrow down what you offer you can find the exact customers to advertise to who need what you offer.  For example, instead of starting your business trying to advertise to everyone that you are a hypnotherapist (like most new graduates do) you can decide that you just want to work with athletes (now you have narrowed your market) and more specifically, you want to work with golfers to perfect their game.  Now you have a huge chance at a successful practice for two major reasons.


It is easier to market to your customer.

Where can you find the local people interested in golf?  What magazines do they read?  Where are the local shops that supply equipment?  Who is offering training to them?  Where do they live?  What expos, country clubs, and events could you network with to bring your message to golfers?  Do these places sell mailing lists of their members or clients?  Since you know exactly who your customer is – you can find the exact places you need to get your message in front of them.


You will be prepared for each client.

If you are trying to be a ‘jack of all trades,’ then you never know what a client will present for.  In the previous example of Hypnotherapist, clients could come for study skills, nail-biting, past life regression work, and to stop smoking.  You would need to research each subject and prepare yourself for every client’s particular issue.  Believe me, from my own personal experience, this is exhausting and diminishes your effectiveness.


However, if you specialize in your particular niche you will always be fully prepared and relaxed for whatever the client brings to the session because you are an expert on the subject.  This makes you a far more confident and successful counselor or coach which will increase your reputation and your client base.  People refer others when they have had success with you.  Your clients will become your best sales force!



Here are six more important reasons to specialize:


1. You will be in a better position to select your clients, allowing you to direct more attention to a smaller group of high-quality prospects

2. Less Competition as you narrow your practice to a less crowded area of specialization.

3. You become the acknowledged leader in your field with higher prices that reflect this fact.

4. Marketing campaigns generate a higher ROI (return on investment) from increased response rates when they target a distinct niche with a focused message.

5. Word-of-mouth advertising goes farther and faster when you can clearly demonstrate a distinctive skill set.  People know to refer friends and family who have the same problem or need.

6. You have a higher possibility of publicity when you are the big fish in a small pond, rather than a tiny fish in an ocean.  Journalists will turn to you for insight when they are covering your field of specialization, reinforcing your status as an expert.


At the Institute of Mind Sciences, we offer twelve specialization certification courses.  These courses, in addition to training, contain everything you need to customize and immediately start using in your business including session plan, business and client forms, ‘Welcome’ packet, advertising suggestions, and much more!

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