Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification-Enrollment Opens 2018


Eight courses, or modules, lead to the Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification.  Three Hypnotherapy courses give you skills and techniques.  We round out your education with the business, marketing, counseling/coaching, and marketing skills you will need.  Finally, you end the program with a supervised internship to make sure you feel confident and prepared.


Course 1: Basic Hypnosis

Basic Hypnosis    

(clock hours:           60/hrs)

Join this concise and in-depth introduction to the art and science of Hypnosis.  Designed specifically to give you a working understanding of hypnosis, you will learn plenty of hands-on hypnotic methods, the origins and the art of hypnosis, along with all the skills and techniques you need to start hypnotizing yourself and others. You’ll also be introduced to how you can work with clients and make this your new career.  Class time will consist of video classes, PDF’s, practical work, and two outside assignments which you’ll send to the instructor.
Upon completion of this course you will:

A.    Become certified as a “Hypnotist”
B.    Safely and ethically utilize inductions, deepening techniques, test depth, deliver hypnotic  suggestions, and emerge clients for therapeutic and exploratory reasons
C.    Fully educate your clients and public regarding hypnosis
D.    Consider working professionally with clients using hypnosis

Course 2: Advanced Hypnosis

Advanced Hypnosis    

(clock hours:          60/hrs)

Advanced Hypnosis allows you to further develop your skills in Hypnosis.  In this course you will master special hypno-therapeutic techniques including Regression, Affect Bridge, Ideomotor Responses, NLP, Medical Applications, Theraputic Imagery, and many more advanced techniques.  Practice building, professionalism and working with the Medical community is also introduced in this course.

Upon completion of this course you will:

A.    Be certified as a “Master Hypnotist”
B.    Learn complex and powerful hypnotic techniques
C.    Have a working knowledge of NLP, Regression, & Medical Issues
D.    Consider working professionally with medical issues

Course 3: Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnosis    

(clock hours:           60/hrs)

The Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification is a specialized and detailed course designed for the advanced student.  This course will prepare you to work with various complicated client issues and work alongside or within the medical community.  You will be fully trained to work with pain and other medical issues such as Childbirth and Dental Procedures.  Advanced techniques such as Time-Line Therapy, Pain Management Imagery, and EFT are also covered.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

A.    Utilize Hypnosis for pain and other medical issues
B.    Understand fully the Laws governing the practice of Hypnosis
C.    Use advanced pain control techniques and apply them in your practice
D.    Have a comprehensive understanding of Time-Line Therapy, EFT,
Pain Management, Regression, and other advanced techniques used in hypnotherapy

Course 4: Psychology/Counseling Skills

Psychology & Counseling/Coaching Skills 

(clock hrs: 60/hrs)

In this course you will get a thorough introduction to the history of psychology.  Major movements such as Freud, Behaviorism, and Humanistic Psychology will be covered.  The sickness therapy model vs. the Human Potential model will be discussed.  We will learn together about essential counseling and coaching skills – their similarities and differences- and deeply explore techniques of both.  SOAP and proper record keeping, HIPPA requirements, client confidentiality, when to refer, and professionalism are the subject of this course.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

A.    Create and maintain client folders and session plans using SOAP
B.    Know what can be treated and what you must refer
C.    Create a professional system for your client management
D.    Have a working knowledge of the history of psychology and therapy
E.    Work professionally with medical and counseling professionals

Course 5: Business Skills for Counselors/Coaches

Business Skills   

(clock hours:    60/hrs)

You can know all the therapeutic hypnotic techniques and have amazing chemistry with people but if you do not have business skills, your practice will not survive.  This course is designed to maximize your success by thinking like a business owner.  You will learn how to select a legal structure for your business, what forms to fill out and where, how to incorporate, where to look for office space, how to set up a book-keeping system, business taxes, whether or not to take credit cards, why you need a website, how to decide what to charge, and so much more we can’t possibly fit it into this space!  Everyone will design a business plan in class.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

A.    Make a solid, personalized Business Plan
B.    Know what steps need to be taken and when to take them
C.    Have a 5 year growth plan for your business
D.    Know how to legally set up your business, practice, firm, or center

Course 6: Ethics & the Law

Ethics & the Law/Dora Testing    

(clock hours:   40/hrs)

There are many issues, such as psychiatric disorders, which are out of the scope of practice for complementary counselors.  This course gives you a clear idea of what is and what is not acceptable standards of practice.  Various questionable ethical situations will be covered so you will know what is legally and ethically expected of you as a professional representing our field.  Hypnotherapists have to be registered by the state of Colorado as “psychotherapists” before they can see clients.  Test preparation and the Dora test taking are part of this course (optional to take the actual test.  The fee to apply to the Dora Database is an additional, outside fee).

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

A.    Know about the legal responsibilities of our profession
B.    Comply to the Standards of Practice as defined by governing bodies
C.    Know when to refer and to what outside professionals
D.    Understand how to handle difficult ethical situations
E.    Become registered by the state of Colorado and begin to see clients

Course 7: Marketing Your Practice

Marketing Your Practice    

(clock hours:      60/hrs)

This is an exciting course where you will learn all about ways to get clients.  You will understand the difference ways to find clients; advertising, publicity, social media, mail campaigns, etc.  You will learn that you are now in the business of self promotion and we’ll explore what may hold you back.  We’ll learn some of the myths of small wellness businesses and why you need to approach your business in a revolutionary way.  Branding, marketing materials, and identifying YOUR customer will be covered.  You’ll find out what you MUST have to start your business and what not to waste your money on.  Numerous examples will be given.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:
A.    Develop a marketing plan for your business
B.    Design a business name, brochure, and business card in class
C.    Understand WHY people buy, and why they will buy from you
D.    Various ways to locate and contact your ideal customer

Course 8: Internship/Learning Lab


Supervised Internship     

(10 clients       clock hours:    20/hrs)

I believe that actually planning and conducting sessions, with a mentor to guide and encourage you, is essential to building confidence in your abilities and the skills you need to succeed in your own practice.  Students are required to see 10 clients from the community and you will plan and conduct the entire session.  Each of your client sessions is followed by a mentor session (via email or Skype) with me advising you and guiding you.  Upon completion of your internship, and signing off by the mentor, you will be ready to see clients professionally on your own.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

A.    Gain confidence in your ability to handle client sessions
B.    Get personal experience with various issues and different populations
C.    Keep exceptional client and session records
D.    See clients professionally

Above you will find descriptions of each course in the Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification Program and what you will learn.  Just click on the tab to learn about each one.

You may take each course independently, and get a certificate of completion, or all eight modules that lead to the Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification.

Total Certification Course $3,600 

($9 per credit hour plus FREE mentored internship!)

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Total Program Hours:    420   (400 course hours and 20 hour internship) In Class/Online Hours:    280

Can be completed in 6 months depending on the time you devote to it.

All courses, notes, textbooks, audios, videos, and other class materials will be accessed via an online learning center, either live or recorded.

Once you graduate, you may (and we encourage you to) apply for membership as a professional Hypnotherapists in one of the following organizations: