Businesses In a Box – Enrollment Reopens 2018


Smoking Cessation Specialist

Everything you need to become a Certified Smoking Cessation Specialist and begin seeing clients. Detailed session plans covering the entire process of helping someone quit smoking, customizable client handouts, advertising plan and so much more.

Apple peeled with twisting skin as measuring tape

 Weight Management Specialist

Certification as a Weight Management Specialist so you can work with clients to achieve a healthy weight and body image. Includes a detailed eight week session weight management process that you can customize and adapt to your own program.

Sperm and egg cell

Holistic Fertility Specialist

Become a Certified Holistic Fertility Specialist with Institute of Mind Sciences ‘Plant Good Seeds’ method.  You will learn the mental, emotional, and physical reasons for infertility and get everything you need, step by step, to start seeing clients.

Pregnant woman lying in a sea of rose petals

Pregnancy/Childbirth Specialist 

‘Nurture the Unborn Child’ and ‘Mind Over Labor’ Certifications combine in this course to prepare you as an expert in this area. Guide your clients toward a healthy, nurturing, peaceful pregnancy and coach them for a drug free, problem free delivery.

Portrait of happy kids, smiling, outdoors

Pediatric Specialist

Children and Adolescent Specialist Certification course.  Learn about trauma, habits, behavior disorders, and ethical considerations when working with kids. Get session plan templates for various childhood issues and find out how to get medical referrals.

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Medical Specialist

As a Medical Specialist, you will master a wide variety of medical and dental applications. Learn pain management techniques, how to help habits and anxiety states, teach people how to reduce stress, and how to work professionally within the medical community.

positive psychology

Positive Psychology Specialist

Stress and Happiness Specialist Certification. Help your clients live more fulfilling and healthy lives by teaching them how to master their stress response, change negative thinking, uncover past programming and free themselves. Step by Step how to help your clients live a more fulfilling life.


Transpersonal Specialist

A Transpersonal Specialist helps their clients recognize and integrate the spiritual and transcendent aspects of themselves, thus transforming their lives. This specialization teaches you several powerful techniques to help your clients get in touch, personally, with their higher power.


Sleep Disorders Specialist

In a National Sleep Foundation poll, more than half of people reported at least one symptom of a sleeping disorder. It is an epidemic problem. Learn the stages of sleep,  various sleeping disorders, why they occur and how they are managed. Help thousands with insomnia find relief.


Idcentric Specialist

This is a certification in sexual issues. ‘Id’ (as in Freud’s ‘Id’- the part of the personality that contains a human’s basic, instinctual drives) and ‘centric’ (centered). Learn about various sexual issues people experience and help your clients approach and transform them from a holistic, mental perspective.


Sports Specialist

90% of performance is mental but, most coaches and athletes spend 100% of their time working on the physical. They neglect the one area that ultimately separates successful athletes from those who fail. Become a Certified Sports Specialist and teach these fundamental mental skills.


Regression Specialist

Regression is discovering and reliving (mentally) earlier experiences. It’s used to release fears and old feelings, gain insight, uncover your gifts, and other amazing things. This certification gives you comprehensive training in powerful age, ‘past life’, and timeline regression techniques.

Each Of Our Specialization Courses Comes With...

Core Training

Each IMS course comes with comprehensive subject training.  You will confidently become an expert on the topic and learn everything you need to know to treat clients successfully in that area.

Session Plans

These are businesses in a box! Sessions are written for you, ready to go, done.  All you have to do is follow the steps.  You can adapt them as needed to fit your client needs and brand them with your information.

Client Materials

Client handouts, homework, and educational material are created for you; all you need to go along with the sessions.  Again, you may customize and edit as needed to adapt to your business needs.

Marketing Plan

Our courses come with a detailed marketing plan to grow your new business quickly.  Each marketing plan is specifically written for that specialized industry and has given results in the real world.