Each of IMS’ three certification programs has an internship requirement as part of your coursework.  You will work with 10 different clients which you will find in the local community.  These can be friends, family, co-workers, etc… people who will volunteer to work with you on some real issue they are having or some goal they would like to achieve.

The purpose of the internship is to give you an idea of what it is like to work with various people representing the actual issues you will be working with professionally, combined with the assurance of having a mentor who can help you plan sessions and improve your effectiveness as a practitioner.


When it is time for the internship, each student works with me or another mentor  (remotely or in person) who will supervise their work, be an informational resource, and offer advice when necessary.

Internships consist of 60 clock hours.  Students will conduct 10 different client sessions in several topic areas (depending on what clients present for).

The intern’s responsibility will be to prepare for the sessions, conduct and record the sessions, create client notes, files, and assessments, and consult with me to discuss each case after the session has been completed.


The 60 clock hours of the internship breaks down as follows:

40 hrs will be preparation and assessment                                                                                     
10 hrs will be conducting sessions                                                                                                     
10 hrs will be mentor consultation  

I will sign off that the internship is completed when all sessions and post-session consultations have been completed successfully.

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