About IMS

What Makes IMS Different?

What makes IMS different from any other school? Everything....

professional and complete

We’re Professional and Complete

IMS offers one-of-a-kind, comprehensive career training programs.  Most programs do not offer instruction on ethics, business set-up, and marketing.  Because of the coursework at IMS, you will graduate fully prepared to start a private practice.

you are connected with an instructor to be your mentor during the training process

We Offer Mentored Internships

If you are taking career training or you are training to become an instructor you will have a mentored internship which allows you to gain experience, confidence, and learn hands-on  everything you will need to thrive in your own practice.

Tain with the Institute of Mind Sciences to become a counselor or coach

IMS is Uniquely Affordable

IMS makes products and programs for professionals in the complementary counseling and coaching fields. These are products and systems you will need to run and operate your own business. Rather than creating everything from scratch yourself, IMS created systems to give you affordable access to the training and products you need.

At Institute of Mind Sciences, you are fully supported during training and after graduation.

You Are Fully Supported

IMS has a member system to keep you supported after graduation. A network of like minded professionals you can communicate with, possibly work with.  You also will have access to products that build your business and opportunities to license the use of IMS programs and systems so your business can immediately begin to grow.

We help you open your own school for counselors and coaches

We Help You Open A School

IMS has everything you need to open your own Complementary Counseling School.
Once you are trained as a trainer by the Institute of Mind Sciences, you have the option to license the complete IMS training programs by joining a very affordable member program. Details are coming soon!  This in itself can make you a six figure income!

We help you start a private practice and grow your business

Full Business Assistance

IMS can help you become THE known expert in your field. We offer a 12 month Start Up Club for people just starting their own business, a Gold Minds Club for business owners that wish to have amazing success, and a Trainers Club for instructors offering IMS courses.  Skip the learning curve!  Increase your business and profits to astonishing levels by working closely with IMS for amazing opportunities.

About IMS

Institute of Mind Sciences provides individuals with the latest in career training for the complementary counseling and coaching industries.  Our courses are designed to help you get accessible and thorough vocational training and then help you, step by step, create a thriving private practice so you can live a more satisfying, complete, and enjoyable life.

Whether you are looking to expand your own personal knowledge or you are looking to start an exciting and lucrative new career in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or as a Coach, Institute of Mind Sciences is your online career training provider!

We develop the finest career training programs with interactive, informative courses featuring talented instructors on streaming video and webinars, with review questions, playground activities, and exercises to bring you the most engaging e-learning programs available on the market today!

You only have one lifetime.  It is up to you to live your best life now and live to your fullest potential.  Take this opportunity to free yourself from the life you’ve been leading and gain the knowledge and tools necessary to start your own private practice.  Online courses are for everyone!  You can take your classes anytime, at your own pace.  Whether you are 17 or 97, the time to change your life is now!

We are committed to helping you live the most powerful, happy, healthy and successful life you can!

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